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The Zonal Defense in soccer is considered as a great alternative to a man-to-man defense system, where one team player defends a zone on the field as opposed to each player guarding the corresponding team’s player. The Zonal defending system requires the player to be disciplined, focused, athletic, making quick decisions and having excellent defensive techniques.

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The Complete Guide to Zonal Defendinghttp://coachingadvancedplayers.com/complete-guide-to-zonal-defending/This is a foundational exercise for training your t...

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5. Defending team if possession of ball is won, can play pass through flags on opposite end to score. 6. Play for set time. Coaching Points:-closest player to the ball, applys pressure-fartherest defender adds balance-2nd defender covers-defending techniques( angle of approach, sideways stance, etc.)-defenders stay laterally compact

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Zonal defending soccer drill tips. There are three ways of defending corners: zonal defending, man-to-man and a combination of these two, but whatever system you choose, every player should have a job to do. In zonal defending, give your defenders an area to cover, and if the ball reaches them, it is up to them to clear it.

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In the illustration below the red team is showing good defensive compactness while sitting back in a low defensive block. The above exert is from my book “The Science of Soccer Team Defending: Zonal Pressing, Zonal Defending and Pressing.

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Pick 6 players to start as defenders and assign them to a jersey color. Have two defenders start 5 yards in front of the penalty box while the other four defenders rest outside of the boundary lines. Two new defenders rotate in after each turn. All the soccer balls start with the center-cone attackers.

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A and B pass ball from side to side. 3 sets of defenders pressure and cover the appropriate flag depending on which player (A or B) has the ball. Periodically, A or B can Pass to C. On this neg. pass first set of defenders step anmd press large cones, then filter to back of lines, All the other defending lines step to next flags.

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1 point for the player closing down who wins possession of the ball or forces the ball out of play. 1 point for the player from the middle who intercepts a pass. If the ball goes out of play, give possession back to the 4 players in the end zone and start again. After 5 minutes rotate players through each zone.